Studio Tour


We cleaned up a bit for the photos. Here's a tour of my studio with @chelseablecha. Go to her instagram to see her side of the room. I've been experimenting with different layouts to accommodate both #traditional and #digital work. Still a work in progress.


For traditional sketching, I set a table easel on my desk and put it away when I'm done. A bit of a hassle, but I use the desk for many different types of work, and I like to keep the space empty so I can focus on each task at hand.

⁠Standing #easel/#draftingtable has not been utilized very much because it's too far away from the computer. I like the open space of having the monitors closer to the wall.

TV in the living area connects to my PC, so I can also use it as a 3rd monitor. Most of the time it's Netflix or googlehangouts with @graphitenightmare @chelseablecha @michaelhenriet @artfularmadillo @tyjones78 @derekdubler @jakekazakos and @alexvnart⁠.


Kallax shelf for books, sketch books, art books, electronics, papers, supplies, and records. The LP120 was my only pleasure purchase in years. I was very hesitant to buy it, but I felt like a kid getting his new toy when it arrived. I taped my scanner on top of my file organizer yesterday. I'm very proud of that.

⁠Utility cart from IKEA because everybody has one. I put all my oils/acrylic/gouache/spray cans/brushes/painting supplies in there. I'll roll it over to the desk when I'm painting. I like the adjustable height of this unit compared to some other brands.

We also use a photography soft box for our lighting. Another great multi purpose tool!

I don't actually play the guitar⁠ :)


Drawers for all the pens/pencils/papers/pads/drawing/crafting/office supplies. I made my own organizers/dividers - cheap and customized.

The rest of the big objects like tripods/easels and old paintings/drawings(lots) are in the small closet behind where Chelsea sits.


Some future adjustments I might make:

  1. Replace the smaller drawers with another flat drawers - the wider drawers are much more versatile than the thinner counterpart. Having both drawers at the same height will allow for a larger working area. Might be big enough to put a house a Logan 450-1 matt cutter there, so I don’t have to use it on the floor.

  2. Add a long peg board/magnetic board across the wall above the kallax shelf, so I can pin or hang things.

  3. Redo the display shelf. I have a bunch of art given to me by friends and I’ve been meaning to hang them up.

  4. Reorganize the mess in the closet.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with our space. Functionality is very important to me. I feel like art making is already hard enough - I don’t want the added stress of not know where my tools are. Sometimes I think I should have taken my dad’s advice to go all digital and save all this headache.

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New Book: Throwing Lines

Quick update! My new book THROWING LINES will feature a selection of my life drawings from live models over the years. The book will be 8.5" x 8.5", 100 pages, softcover. The first batch will be available at @LightBoxExpo on Sep 6-8 TABLE 313⁠

Online availability will be posted after the convention. Let me know if you would be interested ✌️⁠

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